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College of Science
Established in 1966


College Dean
Dr. Mohammed Bin Sabt
Geographic Location

Established in 1966, the College of Science consists of seven academic departments; Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Operations Research and Marine Sciences.

The college has nearly 3000 students and 191 staff members. A comprehensive evaluation of programs ensures that the academic quality turns out competent graduates for the community and nation's needs. The faculty contributes to community services, provides technical and scientific support to public and private sectors, organizes workshops and training courses for the public’s benefit, and effectively contributes to the country’s development. The faculty has world class facilities and resources, including the Electron Microscopy Unit, Computer Center, Statistics Laboratory, Central and Glass Workshops, Liquid Nitrogen Unit, Herbarium, Marine Biology Unit, Green House, Geology Museum, SAF and Analab facilities.

The college's 114 teaching and 88 research laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art advanced scientific instruments for research, analysis and consultative work. In addition, the faculty ensures an enriching research environment with several sponsored and General Facility Projects. Faculty advisors are available to assist the students in choosing the most appropriate programs of study.

Facts and Numbers


: 209

Enrolled Students

: 4040