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College of Dentistry
Established in 1996


College Dean
Dr. Rashed Alazemi
Geographic Location

The College of Dentistry, established by Amiri Decree on May 28, 1996, is a rapidly growing institution, committed to providing quality dental education. It is entrusted with the development and implementation of the undergraduate curriculum, the initiation of research projects, the establishment of postgraduate specialties and research educational programs. The commitment of the academic and administrative staff and the alumni has helped ensure the continuing quality and prestige of the College from its establishment in 1998. Since 2010, the College follows a seven-year program. The Curriculum is divided into three phases. Phases I & II extend for four years, which is the preclinical program. Dental students follow the same Phase I & Phase II curriculum as the medical students in the Medical College and receive the Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree (B.Med.Sc.) at the end of the Phase II program. The Phase III program consists of three clinical years, in which students practice clinical work at the college's dental clinics – Jabriya. Students are awarded the degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) after they pass the final exam by external examiners: professors from international and accredited universities.

Facts and Numbers


: 48

Enrolled Students

: 237