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College of Graduate Studies
Established in 1977


College Dean
Prof. Ahmed Almekhyal
Geographic Location

The College of Graduate Studies at Kuwait University stands as a distinguished hub for higher education and scientific research. The college aims to provide specialized and outstanding graduate programs across a wide range of disciplines. Serving as a prime destination for students and researchers seeking to further their education, skills, and knowledge, it plays a pivotal role in fostering academic excellence and research advancement.

The College of Graduate Studies is renowned for its academic distinction and scientific research endeavors. The programs offer numerous research and study opportunities under the guidance of specialized and experienced professors. By engaging in these programs, students and researchers can expand their knowledge and enhance their skills in their chosen fields.

Moreover, the College of Graduate Studies contributes to enhancing cultural and scientific interaction by bringing together students and researchers from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. The multicultural environment provided by the college offers students the chance to exchange ideas and experiences, enriching discussions and fostering a vibrant learning atmosphere.

The College of Graduate Studies at Kuwait University is a vibrant hub for knowledge and excellence, contributing to the fulfillment of students' and researchers' goals, encouraging innovation and exploration across various academic domains.

Facts and Numbers

Studies programmes

: 89