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Public Health
Established in 2013


College Dean
Mohammed Shaban Nadar
Geographic Location

Substantial need exists for academic institutions that can provide Public Health education, training, leadership, research, and service in the region. To address this need locally, Kuwait University established the College of Public Health in December 2013 and is developing its academic programs. In September 2017, the College launched its BSc degree in Health and Community Studies; and in September 2018, the MPH degrees in Health Policy and Management and in Environmental and Occupational Health. These initiatives are designed with the goal of supporting and enhancing health protection and health promotion both locally and regionally. 


To foster leadership in responding to various public health challenges in Kuwait and the region through promoting relevant education, high-quality research, and evidence-based practice. 

Mission Statement

The College of Public Health is committed to health protection and health promotion for all individuals and communities in Kuwait and the region. This will be achieved by providing relevant professional education and training; conducting research relevant to national and regional health challenges; engaging in public health interventions; fostering health studies so as to promote health literacy throughout the population; and advocating policies to protect and promote health.

Facts and Numbers


: 22

Enrolled Students

: 104