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Vice President for Academic Support

The Vice President for Academic Support Services works closely with the President, Vice Presidents, Deans of Faculties and all other work centers' managers at the university to facilitate and set priorities and solutions for the activities of the academic support services at the University.

One of the most important objectives of the sector is to develop integrated systems for information technology, e-learning, supervision of computer management and upgrading the level of services, as well as develop policies and programs to update library services, setup general plans for work in the University newspaper "Afaq" and monitor its progress, develop general strategies for distance learning in order to provide technical and administrative support for the university's educational performance, and finally, provide programs and activities in dialogue with communities and participants and implement policies and programs related to community service and continuing education center.

Dr. Sulaiman AlRafee

Vice President for Academic Support




Vice President for Academic Support Website (Coming Soon)