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College of Allied Health Sciences
Established in 1982


College Dean
Dr. Mohammed Nadar
Geographic Location

The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences was established as an independent college in accordance with the Amiri Decree issued on June 22, 1982, under the name of the College of Allied Health Sciences and Nursing, and in accordance with the decision of the Minister of Education issued in 1985. The following scientific departments were established after they were scientific programs:
-  Medical Laboratory Technology.
- Physical Therapy. 
- Radiology Sciences.
- Informatics and Health Information Management. 
- Nursing Department.

In 2004, the college's name was changed to the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences. The faculty currently includes five scientific departments with six bachelor's degree programs in the following specializations: 
- Medical Laboratory Sciences.
- Physical Therapy. 
- Radiology Sciences.
- Informatics and Health Information Management.
- Occupational Therapy.

In 2022, the University Council approved the activation of the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, and the establishment of the Nursing Department with four tracks of specialization in the field of nursing. Currently, the various allied medical sciences specializations are considered an essential part of patient health care in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Kuwait is considered one of the few countries in the Arab and Islamic world that grants bachelor's degrees for such specializations. Achieving excellence and quality in therapeutic services and health rehabilitation is only achieved through the availability of a healthcare team. In order for this team to be able to perform optimal work, all health specialties with high skills in various fields such as health informatics, medical laboratory sciences, and treatment must participate and collaborate, comprising natural sciences, radiology, and occupational therapy, in addition to other participants in the work of the medical team, including pharmacists, nurses, and specialists in the fields of nutrition and speech therapy, as well as specialists in the social field.

Facts and Numbers


: 85

Enrolled Students

: 1455