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College of Law
Established in 1967


College Dean
Dr. Mohammed AlTamimi
Geographic Location

On 1st of April 1967, an Emiri Decree was issued to establish the Faculty of Law and Sharia. With this decree, the Faculty took its position at Kuwait University to play its role in preparing students for labour market to meet the country's need in this regard.

The Faculty opened its doors on September 1st, 1967 to receive the first batch of its 56 students. This number has been doubling annually.

Since its establishment, the Faculty has adopted the ‘Academic Year’ system. In each year, the student is enrolled in the modules prescribed, and those modules are distributed over four academic years. After passing these modules, the students were granted a bachelor degree in “Law and Sharia law”.

This situation continued until the beginning of the Academic Year 1976, when a different system was adopted. The Faculty Council approved that the student must take 120 units in a period of at least seven semesters and a maximum of fourteen semesters after which the students were qualified to to obtain a bachelor degree in “Law and Sharia Law."

On 10/13/1981, An Amiri decree was enacted to establish the “Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies”. The establishment of this Faculty led to change the name of the “Faculty of Law and Sharia” to become the “Faculty of Law”. Since then, the Faculty of Law has only been granting the degree in law. 

On 7/1/1989, the Kuwait University Council approved the return of the Faculty of Law to the ‘Academic Year’ system. 

Historically, the Academic Year 1971/70 was the first time in which the Faculty of Law granted the Law and Sharia Law degree to a batch of law students. The number of graduates at that time was 22 students.

According to the approval of Kuwait University Council in its Session No. 4/93 on 29/6/1993, the postgraduate programme was launched in the Faculty of Law. Since the Academic Year 1993/1994, the Faculty has been granting master degrees (LLM) in two programmes: Public Law and Private Law. 

The Faculty of Law at Kuwait University has fulfilled the criteria and requirements for the membership of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS), which is the institutional evaluation required by the academic accreditation processes.

Facts and Numbers


: 103

Enrolled Students

: 3126