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College of Education
Established in 1980


College Dean
Prof. Eisa Albalhan
Geographic Location

The College of Education at Kuwait University stands as a beacon of educational excellence within Kuwait's academic sphere. Committed to delivering top-tier education and outstanding training initiatives, the college is a hub for students aspiring to impact education profoundly. Originally a part of the College of Arts, it transitioned into an autonomous entity in 1980 and was among the first to relocate to Sabah Al-Salem University City in 2019. Housed in an award-winning architecturally innovative building equipped with cutting-edge educational technologies, the college has seen expansion, now comprising four academic departments and an English Language Teaching Unit.

The College of Education offers a wide variety of programs: Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary. These programs encompass 19 specializations spanning various scientific and literary disciplines, with one specialization for the Kindergarten program, six for the Primary program, and twelve for the Secondary program. Collaborations with other faculties like the Colleges of Arts, Social Sciences, Science, Sharia, and Islamic Studies facilitate the provision of these diverse specializations, offering a world of opportunities for our students.

Furthermore, in partnership with the Collegeof Graduate Studies, the College of Education administers five Master's programs in different educational specializations. These specialized programs include Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Psychology, Educational Foundations, and Educational Administration. A notable recent development, approved by Kuwait University Council for 2023/2024, is the establishment of a fifth department, the Department of Instructional Technology.

Additionally, the college offers an Executive Master's degree in Administration through the Educational Administration Department and oversees a Diploma in Educational Counseling under the purview of the Department of Educational Psychology.

Facts and Numbers


: 142

Enrolled Students

: 8777