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Greeting to you all,

     We would like to welcome you all to the Computer Engineering Department. The department of Computer Engineering at College of Petroleum and Engineering in Kuwait University is a very dynamic and vibrant department where curriculum meets international standards as well as industry needs and requirements. In the past years, the department is experiencing an increase in the number of enrolled students; nevertheless, job market data shows a much more demand for our graduates. That presents a challenge that we owe to meet. One way to increase students' loyalty is to enhance the interactions among the key players of the departments: students, faculty members, engineers and supporting staff. By introducing this website, the department aims to take this interaction to another level of transparency and availability. The main target of this website is to make available online, 24-hours, 7-days a week; all what is needed to make the academic process within the department easier and more seemliness. We lunched this website aiming to make our department the first E-department in the college, university, country, and the whole region. As a result of that, the department website ( had won the first place in the educational sector in Shiekh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Award for the year 2010. This achievement will be a vocal point to have a much more continuous improvement process which cannot, and will not, be a success except with the help, and the efforts of all the department personals. But, as a department that sets IT technology standard in the country, we are sure that we will succeed.

Thank you,


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